The Region

La Garde-Adhémar

Nestled on a hill with breathtaking views of the valley, La Garde-Adhémar is a charming medieval village. Its cobbled streets wind between houses made of golden stone, leading to a picturesque church and an ancient castle. Flowery gardens and shady squares invite relaxation, while panoramic vistas remind visitors of the region's rich history.


In the heart of olive groves and lavender fields, Nyons exudes an intoxicating scent of Provence. Known as the 'Little Nice' for its abundant sunshine, the village stands out with its narrow alleys lined with houses adorned with colorful shutters. Its vibrant market offers a wealth of local products, from olives and olive oil to regional wines.


Bearing witness to the glorious past of ancient Rome, Vaison-la-Romaine is a journey through time. The well-preserved Roman ruins, including a bridge spanning the river, contrast with the charm of the medieval village perched on top. Shaded squares, murmuring fountains, and welcoming bistros invite visitors to immerse themselves in the Provençal atmosphere.


Nestled in the mountains, Dieulefit exudes tranquility and creativity. This artisan village is renowned for its handmade pottery and artistic ambiance. Art galleries, workshops, and independent shops line the cobbled streets. Its relaxed and bohemian atmosphere makes it a favorite spot for art enthusiasts and free spirits.

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Richerenches, peaceful and picturesque, is primarily known as the heart of truffle country in Provence. Every winter, the truffle market attracts connoisseurs and the curious, creating a lively and delightful atmosphere in this otherwise quiet village. Its narrow streets and white stone houses provide a charming setting to explore the flavors of the region.

The markets of Grignan awaken the senses with an explosion of colors and flavors. The stalls are filled with local products: juicy fruits, fresh vegetables, fragrant cheeses, and aromatic herbs. The lively atmosphere is accompanied by the scent of Provencal herbs and the warm smiles of the merchants. It's an ideal place to taste the culinary authenticity of the region.

Sainte-Cécile les Vignes

Surrounded by endless vineyards, Sainte-Cécile les Vignes embodies the viticultural spirit of Provence. The village exudes tranquility with its peaceful alleys and stone houses. Wineries welcome visitors to taste the famous local wines, offering a tasting experience that celebrates the union between the land and the vine.

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